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Alabama Family Rights Association

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Who are we?

The Alabama Family Rights Association (AFRA) is comprised of fathers, mothers, grandparents, and children who have experienced the tragedy of divorce and its aftermath. We especially understand that CHILDREN NEED TWO PARENTS in their lives, not a parent and a "visitor" with a child support check. AFRA knows we need to change the "winner takes all" divorce process in the court system, and have the courage to do what is REALLY in the children's best interests.

What is Our Primary Objective?

To promote EQUAL legal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers who divorce, and joint parenting whenever possible.

How Does AFRA Help?

We help fathers and (non-custodial mothers) in several ways. We support also the rights of non-custodial mothers to be a part of their children's lives, as much as non-custodial fathers, as Children Need Two Parents... Especially After Divorce. Most of the time when we use the term "father" on this website you could also use the term "non-custodial mother" as well. Consequently, we have changed our name to the Alabama Family Rights Association (AFRA). However, the reality remains that fathers are the ones who most often (over 90% of the time) have their right to be a parent taken unjustly from them by a biased legal system in contested custody divorce cases.

We help those experiencing divorce, the loss of their parental rights, as well as fathers, mothers and grandparents experiencing alienation from their children and grandchildren. We do this by encouraging fathers and (non-custodial mothers) to stay involved with their children; providing social events, moral support, group sessions, and education about divorce and it's impact on families.  In those cities where we have active Chapters, we provide support groups for those dealing with the anguish of losing their parental rights, children, and marriages.  We also help educate the public, judges, and lawmakers about the negative impact of Alabama's current system of divorce on families and society. AFRA also strives to  make our lawmakers and judges aware of the adverse impacts of their decisions on divorcing families and society, and recommend more positive alternatives and solutions to current practices.

You should know some facts on the state of divorced fatherhood today, and the risks our courts condemn our children to suffer!

AFRA is working to change our society in many positive ways, to make the future better for all of us, especially our children, both in the Near Term and Long Term. We urge you to join with us and stop the destruction of marriages, the lives of non-custodial fathers, mothers, and children.

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