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March for Parental Equality

AFRA held its THIRD annual March for Parental Equality at the Madison County Courthouse in downtown Huntsville, Alabama on FRIDAY, JUNE 18TH, 1999 from 11PM to 12PM. Several television stations were there to report the march.  The weather was PERFECT!  Temperature in the 70's and low humidity... a rare day for June.  We had about 30 people come out to march with us for our children's rights.  Below are some pictures from the march:

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A reporter interviews a marcher
while the cameraman takes pictures for the evening news.
Two marchers proudly carry the AFRA banner
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They pass by the cameraman... Followed by several others, including a grandmother and a father and son
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Followed by a mom and her daughter... ...and another marcher and more marchers!



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