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Why Should You Get Involved?

A lot of people choose not to get involved in this issue for various reasons. Below is a list of the reasons that this issue should be important to you, and why you should act today to change the current system.  Let's address these reasons (excuses) so that you will begin to see this problem affects EVERYONE and you can make a difference!

"My divorce was so horrible, I just want to 'get on with my life' and put it all behind me."

If you have kids you will never be able to put it all behind you.  You and your children will be affected by the aftermath of the divorce for the rest of your lives.   It is important you remain in their lives and be the father they need.   Unfortunately, most of the time our courts have all but made this an almost impossible task.  No one cares about your kids like you do!  If you think having a loving father in their lives is important, you must get involved to change the the "winner take all" divorce system so YOU and other fathers can still be one, and not be turned into a "visitor with a child-support check".  NO ONE else will do this for you, and you can't do it alone. 

" Well, I'm happily married and never plan to get divorced."
Fully half of all first marriages end in divorce, and sixty percent of second and subsequent marriages do as well. If you're a man, then you're at risk under the current system to have your rights wantonly violated unless you have - literally - over a hundred thousand dollars in available funds should you decide to pursue a custody case against the wishes of a woman who bears a child you fathered - in or out of wedlock. Isn't it better to get involved than be on the wrong end of this and find yourself without full parenting rights to your kids? You can be all but certain that if you don't have the money to fight you will lose your kids under the present legal system. Worse, you can be absolutely certain that your kids will be harmed under the system of laws we have today. If you now have or ever may have a son, you owe it to yourself and your offspring to get involved and fix these laws. We must do so now.  Every day that we wait means that more men and children are abused in our courts and more children are left fatherless.

"I don't have any children and don't plan to."

Children are the future and our common heritage.  Our children and society suffers daily from all sorts of social maladies caused by children not having a strong father in their lives.  Believe me, these problems do affect all of us.   Besides, the best laid plans often go awry....

"I am a woman why should I care about this problem?"

Besides the obvious issue of fairness - are you really interested in exploiting men in this fashion or allowing other women with fewer scruples than you to do so - consider the other side of the coin. What if you have, or at some time in the future give birth to, a son? How will you protect him from an unscrupulous woman who is primarily interested in attaching half of his assets for the next 18 years? What about your grandchildren?  If you have a son and he gets divorced, you may never get to see them on any regular basis.

Won't you pick up a pen and 33 cents in postage and write your Representatives and Senators today?   It is critical that we reform the divorce process and force its enactment in the next few years.

Do it today.

Also, remember there is strength in numbers.  I urge you to join AFRA today and get involved. Fill out an application and send it in and let us know what you want to do to get involved. 

Working together, we can make a difference!

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