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Sole Custody Consdierations

Before you pursue sole custody of your children there are many things to consider:

  1. Be absolutely certain that you want to be the sole custodial parent.
  2. Be absolutely certain your children want to live with you.
  3. Be absolutely certain you are at the very least a nurturing parent.
  4. Do not represent yourself unless you have no economic alternative choice.
  5. Retain a skilled honest lawyer. Interview two or three experienced lawyers. Men must consider carefully when retaining women lawyers.
  6. When committing to the custody case be certain that you commit to underwriting the capital for the case; the ensuing emotional aggravation; and can relate to a judicial system that is often insensitive, and procrastinating.
  7. With your attorney, develop a game plan that will be the theory of your custody case.  
  8. Decide if your state permits you to select which court to initiate your custody case. The venue you select is important.
  9. Be certain that you are emotionally prepared for damaging testimony about your intimate personal life and that of your extended family; especially if false.
  10. Be able to reveal the most lurid intimacies of the mother of your children, especially drugs, alcohol, sexual, neglect, smoking, child abuse; and false accusations or arrests of your conduct to the authorities; kidnapping and improper interference with your potential rights.
  11. Keep a custody diary' documents, records and witness address lists to support your game plan for custody.
  12. Where your child's mother initiates false accusations that results in police and/or civil/criminal penalties against you; be certain that you institute where possible a civil suit apart from the custody proceeding for any domestic tort; defamation; abuse of process, or filing a false claim that results in damage.
  13. Develop a parenting plan that spells out who will care for your children while you are away from home.
  14. Produce the extended family and friends that will assist your parenting.
  15. Request court appointed forensic expert, and obtain court permission to hire your own experts for psychiatric and psychological evaluations.
  16. Request home inspections.
  17. Do not compromise/settle your custody proceeding before knowing the full nature of the legal terms that are used in the documents.
  18. Do not call your child as a witness. Rather request the court to interview the "child in camera" and on the record.
  19. Before taping conversations, discuss eavesdropping laws with your lawyer.
  20. Where helpful, ask for a Law Guardian to represent your child.

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