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Wife Moves Away and Threatens Retarded Son's Life

I am not much of a writer, but I feel this needs to be told. After 24 years of marriage my wife left me for my 1st cousin and moved to Ga.  He has lived with her for almost a year, with my two children present ( 8 year old, and 6 year old boys). This is not the reason I took my ex-wife to court for custody.   The reason I took her back to court was that she threatned to KILL my youngest,mentaly retarded son.  In a recorded conversation between her and me, she said that she would take my youngest son out with her if something happened to me and she got sick and thought she were going to DIE.. I also have recorded conversations of her being suicidal. And you can guess what happened in court...I lost.  None of the tapes were admitted into court. This is how the system works. My ex-wife can move 200 miles away with the children, threaten to KILL my youngest, live with my still married 1st cousin, and no one will listen.  The worst part to the whole thing is when my children are with me they beg to stay here.  They kick and scream, curse me, and run away when it gets time to go back. I have to force them in the car to go.If anyone out their knows someone that can give me advice,they can e-mail me at Also they can ask for the rest of the story.        

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